Phoenix homeowners may tackle drain cleaning without the aid of NuFlow and inadvertently damage their sewer line system. Our plumbers investigate any and all causes of clogged drains. Instead of opting for store-bought cleaners, which corrosively wear down pipes, contact us today for a professional inspection.

Professional Pipe Cleaning is Easy and Affordable

Tackling drain cleaning on your own may cause complications to pools of standing water and drain clogs. NuFlow has a wide range of cleaners and tools to quickly diminish symptoms of clogged drains. We use snaking and hydro-jetting procedures to swiftly clean drains and pipes. Sewer lines extend hundreds of feet and deep clogs can only be reached through these methods. Phoenix residents will select one of these procedures given the intensity of clogs and its location in sewer systems.

Drain Snaking Unclogs Grime and Debris

It can be tricky for homeowners to rid soap scum, grease, and other substances from drains without the help of NuFlow. Once grime begins to conglomerate, it becomes firmly lodged in drains. A grade snake, which is an auger, catches the grime and breaks it up. However, it takes skill for Phoenix residents to uses an auger without assistance from our plumbers. There are a variety of snakes that differ in length to break up even deep clogs in sewer lines. Contact us today for more consultation about drain snaking and the depth of clogs in your septic system.

Hydro Jetting Packs the Punches

If drain clogs are deep and compact enough, grade snakes may not be able to break them up. NuFlow does not advise conducting drain cleaning without their help because clogs may break sewer lines if they are deep enough in pipes. The hydro jetting method expels a powerful blast of water that can breach deep clogs. Phoenix homeowners likely do not have access to this device and it can be hard to gauge the depth of clogs without a plumber.

Clogged drains can be both a serious risk to sewer lines and an easy fix. Instead of guessing the location of drain clogs, contact NuFlow Phoenix at 480-508-6634 if you are in need of a routine inspection.