The volume of waste that is sent through the average commercial sewer line is greater than that which flows through a residential system, and as a result, the possibility of a problem developing in a business system is far greater. This is why it is so important for Phoenix areas businesses to have their drains cleaned, and commercial drain cleaning is just one of the many services we offer at NuFlow Phoenix.

The steps that lead up to the commercial drain cleaning service are straightforward. We leave the underground pipes where they are and only dig down to access the pipe connections. We do this so that we can perform a thorough sewer camera inspection prior to the drain cleaning. The purpose of using the closed-circuit video camera system is so we can take an up-close look at what is going on inside your sewer line. It allows us the opportunity to examine the condition of the pipe and it will also allow us to get a better idea of what kind of blockages may exist before we start the drain cleaning.

One more thing the sewer camera inspection can reveal is any other problem with the pipe to be cleaned. In addition to a possible clog, there may be cracks, leaks, or serious damage to the pipe that can only be seen with the use of our video camera system. The high-quality video is fed to our qualified technicians on site to view and review. The camera is small enough to fit inside the pipe and this allows us to move it up or down the length of the pipe so we can get a better view of what is going on inside of it. With a better view, we remove the guesswork and can accurately diagnose the situation leading to a quicker solution.

On the offhand chance that we discover something major going on inside your sewer system, we are already on-site and can immediately switch to providing a trenchless pipe repair service. The options are different and based solely on the type of problem we can identify with the video feed. A pipe lining may be used to repair cracks or leaks. As for the drain cleaning service, we would opt for hydro jetting your system. Hydro jetting involved sending highly pressurized water down your sewer pipe. This is an effective way of removing clogs and any kind of buildup forming inside your sewer line.

For more information on commercial drain cleaning or any of our trenchless sewer rehabilitation projects, contact us today at 480-508-6634. Trenchless technologies are not only kinder to the environment than the traditional dig-and-replace method, they are less costly and last far longer. We can help keep your business sewer drain lines moving smoothly with a regular cleaning program.