You may never actually see scale buildup, but after years of use, your plumbing system can start to develop stubborn mineral deposits that can lead to clogs and other problematic issues. Scale, or mineral buildup caused by hard water, should be cleaned from your plumbing regularly. We typically recommend for property owners to clean their plumbing system at least once a year. However, this recommended period will vary from property to property and the level of use.

The hard part about cleaning scale and debris is that your entire plumbing system may be covered. This means that cleaning scale from your plumbing system will require a professional and the proper equipment.

Removing Scale Buildup

Scale buildup in your plumbing system can be problematic if not handled by a professional service team. Since water and waste will flow throughout your entire plumbing network, any home remedies may not be reaching the actual root of the problem.

Since you may not be sure if you’re reaching the source of the problem, we never recommend liquid cleaning solutions to clean scale and clogs. These chemicals may solve the problem temporarily, but they may be damaging your pipes more in the long run. If used too much, these chemicals will lead to premature corrosion that will weaken the integrity of your pipes.

Also, make sure to refrain from putting anything into your drains that may scratch at the inner lining of your pipes. This may lead to pinholes and small scratches that could lead to leaks in the future.

Your best bet for cleaning scale from your pipes is to call an experienced technician at NuFlow Phoenix. Thanks to our equipment and years of experience, we know how to do more than just remove scale from your plumbing. We can also perform a camera inspection that will ensure that the job was completed thoroughly and that your plumbing is running as smoothly as possible. If you have any scale buildup or clogs in your pipes, then contact us today at 480-508-6634 to see how we can help.