Collapsed pipes are among the most dreaded pipelining emergencies. Whether it is caused by a tree root invasion or corrosion, these repairs will stop your daily routine and require immediate professional help. Fortunately, Nu Flow Phoenix has repairing collapsed pipes down to a science and will get your pipelines functioning as they should in no time. Here is how we repair a collapsed pipe on your Phoenix property:

Camera inspection

The first, and most important part, of repairing your pipe is by thoroughly inspecting the damage. With our camera inspection technology, we are able to pinpoint the exact location of the collapse and record video footage so that we give you the most accurate repair possible.

The process involves a technician inserting a small, waterproof camera through an existing access point in your pipeline. This technician will then navigate this camera throughout your pipelining system. Video footage will be recorded and fed back to our technician through a monitor to get an up-close view of the collapse.

Pipe bursting

Once we have a solid understanding of your collapsed pipeline, we will move forward with our solution. In most cases, we will use our trenchless service of pipe bursting. This service allows us to remove and install a brand-new section of pipe without requiring serious digging on your Phoenix property.

The trenchless pipe bursting process involves our technician will inserting our bursting equipment into an existing access point in your lines. This equipment includes a bursting head that is fixed to the replacement pipe. The bursting head will break apart the damaged or collapsed section of the pipeline. The fractured section will be pushed from its original location by a pull rod or hydraulic power. The replacement pipe is then fit in place of the old one, creating a seamless seal.

A collapsed pipe can seem like a major repair, but using Nu Flow Phoenix’s pipe bursting method, it can be completed in just a few hours. Call us today at 480-508-6634 to schedule an appointment.