Flooding is one emergency that gets everyone out of the house. Traditional pipe repairs meant that trenches will have to be dug and that you’ll have to stay at another house for days or weeks until the pipes get fixed. But what if it’s the summer season and you have zero access to water and plumbing conveniences?

How We Prevent Flooding

At NuFlow Phoenix, the latest plumbing technology is used to immediately control home flooding emergencies, which are often caused by clogged lines. Our trained technicians get to the source of the problem without digging a single trench. We guarantee pipe replacements and repairs within one day without destroying your front yard or your landscaping.

NuFlow uses trenchless technology to get to the problem pipe via any available access point such as a manhole or a cleanout. A micro video camera is inserted to find the clog and the source of the blockage, which gives our expert technicians real-time access to the pipes, as well as the ability to come up with a 100% accurate diagnosis.

During the pipe lining method of fixing pipes, a felt liner is coated with epoxy resin and placed inside of the ailing pipe. Using hot air or steam, the epoxy sticks to the inside circumference of the old pipe and becomes cured in just a few hours. The new pipe is seamless, pointless, and fills in any breaks or cracks, effectively sealing the problem. In just a matter of hours, your pipes will have been fixed and you’ll have access to the water main again.

The lining process creates a new pipe material that’s seamless and much more durable than old piping materials. Flow is improved and your sewer system performs just like new. What’s more, the new lining is highly resistant against leaking, cracking, and other common pipe issues. It’s the best choice for homeowners who want peace of mind against plumbing emergencies such as flooding.

Call NuFlow Phoenix To Fix Flooding Pipes In New Village Today

Flooding can cause massive damage to your property. Don’t hesitate and call NuFlow Phoenix at 480-508-6634 as soon as possible. We can get the water out and have your sewer lines turned on in just a few hour’s time.