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In order to fix pipes, traditionally plumbers were required to break a wall or dig a trench to reach the pipe and perform the repairs. This was a very expensive and disruptive process that would take weeks to complete.

At NuFlow, we offer new, alternative methods that are cost-efficient and prevent us from needing to dig trenches. Our practices ensure that our fixes are quick and efficient and provide our customers with pipes that function well and are very durable.

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NuFlow's Pipe Repair Alternative

NuFlow's patented technology allows us to break away from relying on the traditional methods of indoor pipe repairs. Rather than digging invasivetrenchesin a homeowner's house or landscape and fix the complication, we use a more careful, environmentally friendly approach. We start with a thorough inspection by sending a camera down the pipe in order to pinpoint where the problem is.

Our solutions effective and trenchless, avoiding the need to break the walls or through the ground to repair the pipe. Our methods involve pushing an epoxy solution down the pipe with forced air system that seals any leaks. The epoxy takes the shape of the pipe and hardens after a few hours, creating a new, functional pipe within the damaged one without needing to remove it.

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Improve Potable Water Quality

This new pipe improves the cleanliness and quality of the water, as well as being protected from corrosion and root intrusions because it's a metal-based. The flow of sewage and water is smoother, efficient, and enhances the plumbing system as a whole. Our indoor pipe repairs are intuitive and avoid excavation, quickly fixing the problem while ensuring that the final result will function for many years.

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