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How often do you think about your sewer pipes? Hopefully not too often. The only reason why anyone would think about their sewer pipes is if they are giving them trouble, and that's a bad spot to be in.

People all over the US are finding that standard sewer pipe repair solutions are just too expensive to deal with. The horrendous trenches dug in the front yard, full with heavy, and dirty machinery stuck in your home for days, if not weeks. Nothing will disrupt your life as much as the old way to repair pipes.

Fortunately, you have a choice. A better choice.

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Sewer Pipe Relining vs Repairing

Pipe relining is a cost-effective solution to rehabilitate damaged underground sewer pipelines. This revolutionary process is known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). It works by pushing an epoxy lining inside the damaged pipe. Once it is in place, the pipe is pressurized, so the epoxy takes the form of the pipe. Finally, the epoxy is hardened with high heat, leaving a new pipe, just as reliable or even better than the original.

The best part? There is no need to dig a trench. That alone makes relining better than repairing.

Check out what one of our satisfied NuFlow customers in Phoenix had to say about the sewer pipe relining process we did for them:

After two years of living a sewer nightmare and thinking we were going to have to tear up our entire house to fix it, we found NuFlow Phoenix. The crew that we had come to our house was wonderful! All of the guys were personable, professional, friendly, and informative.

You know you got a great solution when the process is simple enough to be explained to five children. And once you have seen how painless pipe relining is, you will never again pour money down the drain on traditional sewer repairing.

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The Sewer Pipe Relining Solution

No matter what your sewer problem is—backups, gas odor, mold, slow drain, extra green grass patches, sinkholes, foundation cracks, rodent or insect infestation, you name it—you need the ultimate solution that will make the problem go away for good.

The new epoxy pipeline in your system will improve your water quality and flow. The lining material prevents erosion, water damage, leaks, and mold growth. And because it isolates metals from the pipes, there is no risk of corrosion or rotting. All the water you use to wash your dishes, shower, cook, and drink, will be clean.

Maybe you have noticed some problems with your sewer pipes. The signs are impossible to miss. Contact us now. We will walk you through the process and answer every question you have. We can even show you dozens of success stories of people who have trusted NuFlow all over the US. From homes to businesses, all the way to hospitals, and government buildings, pipe relining is helping people forget about their plumbing issues for good.

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