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Blocked sewer lines are a nightmare that no one wants to deal with. No matter how careful you have been with what you let go down your Arcadia’s home drains, most sewer damage is caused by factors you cannot control.

Things like tree roots or extreme temperatures could damage your pipes and cost you a small fortune. On top of that, traditional sewer repairs will require you to deal with destructive excavations outside your home, and maybe even inside.

NuFlow’s sewer repair solutions can save you from having to dig up your beautiful yard. Our trenchless repair technique helps home, and business owners repair any old, collapsed, cracked, or punctured sewer pipes that may be affecting your sewage system. All of this, without having to dig up your yard.

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A Better Solution to Traditional Sewer Repairs

Normally, whenever there is a problem with sewer pipes you have two options: repair or replace. Repairing involves keeping the same damaged pipe and patching up the problem. Most sewer repairs are done this way because the cost is assumed to be cheaper. However, as you will see, repairing is not always the most affordable option.

Replacing, of course, involves removing the old pipe and placing a new one. This option tends to be a bit more expensive than repairing.

In both cases, you would have a repair crew in your property digging up a trench to uncover the area where the broken pipe is. All of this most likely will require them to jackhammer their way through your bathroom floors. Definitely not good.

The problem with repairing and renewing is that both have these two situations to deal with:

- They require a trench.
- They take days to complete.
- They dig out contaminants into the airstream.
- They are not cheaper than NuFlow’s sewer renewal solutions.

So if repairing and replacing are more expensive, more inconvenient and take too long, why should you deal with that for your property?

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Here is how NuFlow Does It Better

- We create a new pipe from the inside out without having to dig up a trench.
- It takes hours to complete, not days.
- It is an eco-friendly pipe repair solution.
- Costs the same or less than traditional sewer repairing.
- The new epoxy pipes will last at least 50 years.

But before the work begins, we start by doing a video sewer inspection. We want you to have an accurate diagnosis and assessment of the problems we need to fix. Using a small high definition camera, you and the NuFlow crew will see the insides of your sewage system. This will confirm any structural damage and obstacles we may need to be aware.

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NuFlow is a pipe lining company that has been in business since 1998. We manufacture, install and distribute cost-effective, eco-friendly pipe repairing alternatives. Our products save you money and time. And we do all this without having to dig up a trench.

Sewer repairs are just one of the many ways NuFlow can help you with your plumbing problems. If you live in Arcadia, contact us today to find out how we can fix your sewers problems for good.

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