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Chandler, Arizona Sewer Pipe Relining Services

Sewer pipe lining from NuFlow Phoenix is a cost-effective method to restore drains that have started to deteriorate. By reinforcing your existing pipes rather than replacing them, you can dramatically increase a pipe’s lifespan, saving you money while also reducing the stress of repairs and protecting the environment in dynamic Chandler, Arizona.

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How We Prepare The Pipe For Sewer Pipe Relining

At NuFlow Phoenix, our sewer pipe relining process begins with a thorough leak detection process and camera inspection of the sewer lines. We hydro jet the surface to remove buildup and corrosion, which prepares the surface for the liner to adhere. When the pipe is ready, we restore it with a high-strength epoxy, either by applying it as a liquid to repair pinhole leaks or in a thicker consistency to more effectively restore heavily damaged pipes.

If the pipe just has a tiny pinhole leak, we can reseal with pipe with an ultrathin layer of liquid epoxy in a process called simply epoxy pipe lining. Compressed air is used to coat the walls with the repair material, where it is then left to cure into a drip-proof seal. This method of repair is very fast and affordable, making it a great option in many cases.

For a more substantial repair, we use the pull-in-place method to apply a thicker layer of strong, long-lasting epoxy resin by covering a specialized sleeve with it and inserting the sleeve into the pipe. Once the pipe is positioned to cover all damaged areas, we inflate it form the epoxy into a new, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) against the interior of the faulty one.

The Problems Sewer Pipe Relining Can Fix

NuFlow Phoenix’s patented pipe lining technology easily addresses the most frequent sewer issues that local homeowners and businesses face. For example, standard clay sewer lines often develop a network of micro-fissures from long-term exposure to the arid Arizona climate. As they spread, these tiny cracks eventually cause the pipe to crumble, leading to large, expense sewer repairs. Our lining seals the fissures, strengthening the pipe and sealing any leaks, and its unique composite resists future heat damage to prevent additional problems.

Another frequent issue that Chandler residents face is tree root penetration. When we experience long periods of drought, tree roots expand to searching for water. They work their way into the joints between sewer pipe connections and force the unions apart, leading to blockages and increasingly serious leaking of biological waste. However, a pipe relined by NuFlow Phoenix locks out tree roots so that sewer pipe connections stay intact no matter how dry the weather.

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NuFlow Phoenix sewer pipe relining is the most affordable, worry-free method of sewer repair available. A typical repair takes twenty-four hours or less and costs roughly half that of a standard dig-and-replace repair. Relining also lasts longer than other repair methods, so you will not need to think about sewer repair again for up to fifty years. When you need efficient, reliable sewer pipe relining, you can count on NuFlow Phoenix for a state-of-the-art solution. We are here to solve your problem quickly and save you money. Call us today!

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