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NuFlow Phoenix not only offers plumbing services to Glendale, Arizona, we also provide plumbing repairs, installations, and even drain cleaning for people throughout the valley. Drain cleaning, in particular, is a very important and often overlooked plumbing maintenance necessity. It is highly recommended that you have regular drain cleaning done to your home’s plumbing because it helps avoids the risk of a clogged drain becoming a damaged pipe. In this helpful and short guide, you will learn the benefits of having regular drain cleanings from experienced plumbing companies such as NuFlow Phoenix, as well as what may happen if you do not clean your drains on a regular basis.

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Cleaning Out Your Clogged Drain

If you suspect one of your drains or sinks to have a clog, you may want to call a plumber to discuss scheduling a drain cleaning. That said, even smoothly flowing drains can benefit from cleaning as advanced methods such as hydro jetting remove buildup as well as any clogs. When a clog does form, though, your pipes are at risk of becoming damaged. This is because a clog that is not properly treated early may cause internal fractures in your pipe. This, in the long run, will be more expensive and time-consuming than having a simple and affordable drain cleaning.

Warning Signs for Drain Issues

Some warning signs that your drains are in need of cleaning or of a clog in your drains include water pooling in sinks and showers, noticable change in water flow, foul odor coming from drains, backup in toilets, and so on. Pooling of water, specifically, can be hazardous to both you and your family. Pooling water becomes stagnant after a period of time, often housing harmful bacteria.

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Causes of Clogged Drains in Glendale, AZ

Clogs in your drains could form from a buildup of waste, hair, oil, or food over an extended period of time. This debris could be minor, in which a simple snaking of your drains may be enough to clear out the clog. If the problem is more major, hydro jetting can be used to clean out even the most blocked pipeline. Hydro jetting is the use of pressurized water to clear out your pipes and drains thoroughly, ultimately unclogging and cleaning your drains.

NuFlow Phoenix avoids using chemical drain cleaners due to their corrosive tendencies that could harm your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners only offer a temporary solution to your clogged drains NuFlow Phoenix prefers permanent solutions over temporary ones, so you can enjoy functioning pipes for longer.

At NuFlow Phoenix, we offer a wide variety of drain cleaning solutions to Glendale, AZ to guarantee that your drain is properly cleaned. If you suspect your drains to be clogged or in need of cleaning, call NuFlow Phoenix today to schedule a consultation.


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