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Are you experiencing any of the following?

- Overflowing toilet every day
- Dishwasher and sink taking forever to drain.
- Showering in one or two inches of water.

If you check off two or more of these, chances are you’ll need a drain cleaning Mesa. NuFlow Phoenix will have that fixed for you in just a few hours using the latest drain cleaning technology.

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Why Not Do It Yourself?

Store-bought drain cleaners may appear to do the job in clearing up drain blockages, but they are far from being long-term solutions. In some instances, these chemical cleaners can even do your pipes great damage. Yes, they may dissolve hair and minute debris but they also eat away at your pipe's lining and leave a toxic residue.

We have licensed plumbers who have the expertise and equipment to clear any drain issue. A drain cleaning specialist can determine the full extent of a drain problem. We’ll fix it so you can have a working full-capacity drain for years to come!

Spotting Drain Trouble
Garage and Laundry Area. Experiencing a flooding in either the laundry room, the garage or the basement. These areas are the most prone to flooding because this is where most underground pipes are.

Bath and Shower
A constant flow of hair going down the drain spells trouble for your pipes. Once they get inside, it will be difficult to clean out. Bathrooms are places where everything may get flushed down, including toys, shampoo caps, toothpaste, soap, and makeup.

Kitchen Drains
Sink disposals break up food waste and materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. Eventually, food solids clog up your pipes when they get directly flushed down the sink.

Sewer Line Clogs

Foreign objects may get stuck inside, or an invasion of tree roots may have gotten inside the cracks and in the joints.

In any case, a slow-draining pipe is a good indication that you’ll need professional drain cleaning services ASAP. An unusual gurgling sound coming from the drains, a sewage-like smell emanating from the toilets and having to wait for a few seconds for the water to completely go down are also signs that you’re not dealing with everyday plumbing blockages.

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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

NuFlow Phoenix has worked with all kinds of drain problems over the years. Our licensed technicians start off with a camera inspection to save you a good deal of time and money.

We use specialized high-powered equipment that puts out pressurized water to clean your sewer lines. This is a process called hydrojetting, and it works by blasting out blockages and debris clogging up your pipes, including tree roots and calcified matter. Water jetting is a green solution that does little to no harm to your pipes or to mother nature.

For pipes that could break due to being fragile or more seriously clogged issues, there’s the snaking or cabling method. The auger can free up stubborn blockages such as hair, food particles, sludge and tree roots effectively, flushing them down the line.

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