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Mesa, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair

A new and unique pipe lining service is now available for our customers residing in Mesa, Arizona. At NuFlow Phoenix, we are proud to offer a trenchless solution to repairing indoor water and sewer pipelines. Our patented and state-of-the-art epoxy lining does not require us to dig up your pipes in order to replace your pipes. This process is applicable to most diameters of pipe, anywhere from half an inch to 12 inches in length.

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Epoxy Pipe Lining

Our epoxy pipe lining is quick and affordable and can provide long-term benefits. The liner is wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and can help provide a smoother water and sewage flow. It is an environmentally friendly and an effective way to manage indoor pipeline problems and leaks. The old process of replacing and repairing indoor lines could cause weeks of delays and inconveniences to you. The interior of your home would need to be torn up, water shut off for days, and no thought spared for the condition of bathroom or hallways. The tedious and invasive process would force you to leave your home until the pipes were fixed. Then you’d return to the collateral damage and be burdened with finding a contractor to fix your floorboards or tiles.

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Our Pipe Repair Process

At NuFlow Phoenix, our epoxy lining services don’t force you to vacate your home. Our quick fix will get you and your life back on schedule, and without the need of a contractor or landscaper. Our liners are effective because we take time to first inspect the pipes. Our video equipment can be fed into the pipeline through current access points, and it gives us real-time feed so we can diagnose the problem on the spot. It also helps us create a comprehensive map of your pipe system so we can determine the exact measurements that the epoxy resin needs to be applied at. In the unusual case that our visual technology doesn’t catch everything, we use a compressed air system to find any pinholes or other small and potential problems. There is very little need to second-guess what the problem could be because of the accuracy that comes with the video inspection.

After our inspection, we clean the pipes carefully and thoroughly. This ensures that the epoxy has an even surface to adhere to, and does so without affecting the quality of water flow. We can then began creating your new pipe. With the use of the previous access points, we are able to feed the liquid epoxy into the pipe and then use the compressed air system to spread the liquid evenly throughout it. The constant airflow helps the epoxy keep its shape while it cures. The curing process can take several hours, but once it has hardened, it is rock-solid and acts as your new pipe. There’s no need to remove the original pipe once the new one is cured and functional.

The accuracy of our inspection equipment removes the additional time it once took to diagnose the problem, and we don’t need to tear up your home or floorboards to do it. Even installing your new trenchless pipe won’t force you out of your home, as it only takes a short time to set in place and cure, and then you can move on with your day.

If you are in the Mesa area and feel you could benefit from our advanced indoor pipe repair, please feel free to give our team at NuFlow Phoenix a call at 480-508-6634 to speak with our friendly and professional staff!

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