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Mesa, Arizona Sewer Pipe Lining

NuFlow Phoenix offers Mesa, Arizona a quick and easy solution to sewer pipe repair and replacement. Our affordable pipe lining service is trenchless, so required digging is minimal because of our unique and specialized equipment. This also allows us to complete our pipe lining in a short amount of time, with little inconvenience to you.

We are aware of how weather can cause additional damage to sewer pipes, and this especially true of the intense heat in Mesa. The summer heat and lack of rain can cause pipes to shift because of loose, dry soil. The shifting can result in damage to the pipeline, from creating small leaks to causing a burst pipe. We want to help prevent this damage by replacing your pipe with our new, long-term technology.

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Our Sewer Pipe Lining Process

Before the introduction of this modern technology, replacing a damaged sewer or water pipe required an excavation of your yard and home. The extra time that it originally took could set you back by weeks, and afterward, you were still left with time-consuming damage. Issues like unsightly piles of soil or destroyed bathroom tiles were left behind for you to handle. Our new system doesn’t require large-scale digging, and because of that, you get to avoid the tremendous amount of aftercare. All we generally need is a small access point and we can then fix the pipe from the inside out because of our advanced technology. Our pipe lining process is much like putting a pipe in another pipe, and without any need to remove the original.

To begin, we conduct a video inspection. Using specially designed cameras, we are able to access the length of the pipe and diagnose any problems right there on site. Following the inspection, we need to clean the pipe so that our epoxy can adhere itself to the internal wall and without decreasing the diameter of the pipe, which could affect your water flow. Once we are satisfied with the cleaning, we insert a liner coated in the epoxy into the pipe. To push the substance against the wall of the original pipe, a bladder is inflated, and this also helps the epoxy hold its shape. After a few hours, the bladder can be removed and the epoxy is left rock-solid and sturdy. The new pipe will be formed within the old one. We give it one last inspection with our camera equipment and the job is done.

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Our pipe lining process is pain-free for you. There’s very little mess left afterward and it takes roughly a day for our job to be completed. There’s little interference with your life and your schedule since there’s no need to shut your water off for days at a time and make your home unlivable. And our new pipe also comes with a 75-year life, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to worry about future damage. It’s a long-term and affordable solution!

If you are in the Mesa area and would like to have your pipes lined with our quick and easy process, give us a call at 480-508-6634 to make an appointment with our friendly and professional staff at NuFlow Phoenix today!

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