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Having a plumbing problem in your home can make your life miserable. But did you know that many issues with plumbing systems happen outside the house? Underneath your lawn, driveway, and deck, a network of pipes carries the waste water from your sinks, showers, and toilets and channels it into the city’s sewer main.

The sewer line in a home is not something most people pay attention to, but when problems occur, it is important to solve them as fast as possible. Sewage does not only smell bad, but it also contains harmful bacteria which can make you and your family sick, and even a small leak in the pipes can fill the air with foul odors.

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Sewer Problems in Mesa

Sewer lines are particularly prone to problems in the Mesa area due to tree roots. With hot Spring and Summer days, where the temperature can quickly reach over 100 degrees, trees are desperate for water and send their roots in all directions looking for it.

When these roots reach a sewer line, they will grow over and around it, but if the pipes are cracked, they will easily penetrate them. Once inside they have a perfect environment to grow, full of water and nutrients. However, as these roots become larger and thicker, they will clog the pipe, slowing down the water flow until it completely stops.

If you suspect a root intrusion in your sewer line, or if you can notice a typical sewage smell outside your house, you need to give us a call and have your pipes checked out. Fortunately, a sewer repair in Mesa is nowadays a task that can be done in less than a day thanks to a new plumbing technology called pipe lining.

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Sewer Repair Process

The first thing we will do is check your pipes from the inside using a video camera. It sends a video feed where we can check the condition of the pipe’s inner walls and see if there are any loose joints, broken pieces, or cracks where water is leaking, as well as any roots. Then we clean the pipes with high-pressure water. This gets rid of the roots and any other clogs or sludge. After that, we can move onto the repair.

This is done by inserting a liner into the sewer line. It is coated with a special resin, and when it reaches the exact location that needs to be repaired, a bladder is inflated to make it cover the walls of the pipe. After a few hours, this resin will harden and act as a pipe within the pipe, stopping any leaks and replacing broken or missing pipe pieces.

Sewer repairs used to mean having to dig out the pipes with trenchers or backhoes, which was expensive and labor intensive. This new method involves almost no digging, so you can forget about dust, trenches, and noisy machinery.

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But not all plumbing companies are as familiar with this approach as we are. If you need a sewer repair in the Mesa area, contact us and receive a free estimate. Our staff is ready to provide an affordable and non-destructive plumbing repair in your residential or commercial property.

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