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Imagine: your kitchen sink is draining slowly, so you call out a traditional plumber. After snaking the drain, it works again so you pay and move on. A few days later, your bathroom sink has the same problem. So you repeat the process and think that's the end of it. A few weeks pass and your kitchen sink backs up again. The plumber (who you trust a little less now) says you have a problem in your sewer main, but he's going to have to dig up your entire line to find it. Once that is done, he's able to find and fix the blockage but you're left with a huge trench in your yard and a huge bill for all that excavation, repair, and clean up.

There is a simpler way. Call NuFlow Phoenix today and let us tell you how trenchless sewer repair in Paradise Valley can save you time, money, and headaches!

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