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Innovative pipe restoration methods, like NuFlow’s sewer pipe relining services, guarantees customer satisfaction and long-lasting, efficient solutions for any pipeline problem.

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Sewer Pipe Relining with NuFlow

Sewer pipes become worn down by extreme fluctuations in temperature and the volume of waste. Over time, these pipes become prone to corrosion from chemicals and other particulates, eventually requiring maintenance and fixes to keep them operational. Traditional methods were invasive and expensive ordeals, causing extensive property damage and adding additional costs to fix the damage after the fact. These methods became inefficient and undesirable, and NuFlow is proud to offer new, more efficient methods that eliminate the expenses and destruction associated with digging trenches.

One of our most powerful solutions to fixing sewer pipe problems is with the sewer pipe relining process. This method takes little time to install, is non-invasive because there is no digging involved, and results in a strong, powerful product that you can rely on for many years. Our process involves coating the inside of the sewer pipeline with a liquid epoxy mix that hardens after high heat is applied for a few hours. When it finishes hardening, it leaves behind a smoother pipe that increases sewage flow and is incredibly durable, preventing tree root intrusions and resisting temperature fluctuations.

This trenchless method of sewer pipe relining allows us to renew the damaged pipe instead of removing it by digging trenches, and because of this, it is a far quicker and environmentally friendly method. Home and business owners don't have to deal with an unreasonable amount of downtime, and instead are able to resume their normal operations within hours. Sewer pipe relining provides great benefits, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with a fast and efficient method.

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