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At NuFlow, our sewer repair services are modern and innovative. We offer trenchless solutions to quickly fix plumbing systems at an affordable price without the inconvenience of trench digging.

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The traditional way to fix pipes involved having to dig massive, invasive trenches in homes and properties. Not only did this release harmful gases into the air, the added labor costs to restore landscaping and property damage were a source of frustration because of the downtime it caused in homes and businesses. These past methods were very involved and uprooted homeowners. NuFlow provides a variety of trenchless methods that renew pipes quickly, saving our customers time and money and ensuring that they can resume their daily lives and jobs without delay.

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One of our alternative methods that we offer is called Cured-In-Place Pipe Restoration (CIPP), in which we build a new pipe within the damaged pipe. We clean the pipes of debris by heating it up and pushing a rotor drill through it. Once it is clean and dry, we insert a liquid epoxy mixture inside of the pipe, coating the interior. After a few hours, it dries and creates a perfect, new pipe that is guaranteed to work more efficiently than the old one.Our cured-in-place method works for any situation, and the process is fairly priced. We are proud to offer this service, as this method of restoration is far better than replacing the pipes completely because it lowers labor costs, downtime, and health hazards. We specialize in using this technique to meet all of our customer's needs and provide them with a long-lasting, efficient solution.

Our trenchless methods avoid the destructive nature of digging trenches to fix and replace pipes. Call us today for your sewer repair needs and questions, and we will be happy to assist you.

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