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Are you tired of cleaning drains every week and later finding them clogged again? Many residents of Phoenix Arizona start with cleaning their own drains. They think they only have a small clog that can be corrected with a simple drain cleaner. That’s why we are here. NuFlow Phoenix offers professional drain cleaning services to solve all the drain clog mystery.

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How Professional Drain Cleaning works

We offer professional drain inspections via a small waterproof camera that we insert into your sewer pipes. It shows us what’s causing the clog in real-time and allows us to make sure we get the right solution to solve your problem. Drains clog because of debris and hair stuck on the drain pipes. Drain cleaners aren’t working their magic because debris is difficult to cut through. They aren’t powerful enough to clear away all the build-up.

Drains most often clog because of debris and hair stuck on the interior of the drain pipes. A more powerful drain cleaner isn’t a realistic solution to this problem, but they do contain chemicals that harm the pipe’s lining.

For a long-term solution, opt for professional drain cleaning. Our plumbers use hydro-jetting to give your pipes an entire cleaning.

Hydro-jetting uses extreme water pressure to clear out all the drain pipe build-up. A water pressure of 500psi is inserted into your drain pipes. Even the grease stuck on the drain pipe has no chance of sticking. All of the debris is flushed out of the drain pipes and into the main sewer line.

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When do you need Professional Draining Cleaning?

Experts say there are 6 warning signs of a serious drain problem to watch for:

  1. Slow Draining: This is usually the first indicator of a drain problem. Approach by draining a big bowl of hot water in the drain. If the problem keeps persisting, it might be time to call a plumber.

  2. Blocked Drain: When water simply refuses to drain through your pipe, it means there is a bigger problem than your normal hair and grease build-up.

  3. Drain Odor: If your drains smell, it means there is something rotting inside the drain pipes. This is a potential health problem.

  4. Empty or Overflowing Toilet Bowl: If the toilet bowl has a low water level or is empty, it means it isn’t getting the right water supply. An overflowing toilet bowl is an indication of backflow.

  5. Backflow: If you see water coming back in your kitchen or bathroom drains, you have a problem of backflow. In some cases, backflow may lead to flooding. This is not only annoying but also quite unsanitary.

  6. Low Water Pressure: If you aren’t getting the same water pressure in your showers and sink tap, it means water is having difficulty flowing through pipes. This can be due to a number of reasons and a drain pipe inspection will solve that.

At NuFlow Phoenix, we have a professional and experienced team of plumbers. Our plumbers have the training to handle all drain cleaning issues, with the latest and most efficient technology. If your drains in Phoenix Arizona have been exhibiting any of the six drain problem signs, give us a call.

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