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Phoenix, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair

At NuFlow Phoenix, we have a safe, non-invasive process for indoor pipe repair that is readily available for the residents of Phoenix. The early inspection services that we offer can help prevent major problems by diagnosing leaks or worn pipes. It takes us very little time to find the problem and we can start right away and apply the most effective solution possible.

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Our Process

Our service for indoor pipe repair does not involve digging up floorboards and tearing down walls in order to access your water or sewer lines. Instead of removing the affected pipe after digging and setting a new metal model, we simply use our patented epoxy lining services. We begin by inserting our cameras through present access points to inspect the state of the pipes. We also use compressed air to find pinhole leaks that are cameras may not catch. After inspection, we clean out any corrosion or debris that could decrease water follow and then start right away on applying our epoxy. Our compressed air system pushes the liquid epoxy throughout the desired pipeline. This also helps the epoxy cover all leaks and holes and helps it keep the shape of the original pipe wall. Within a few hours, the epoxy hardens into a new and fully functional pipe.

Our unique epoxy lining forms a barrier that is resistant to waste buildup, rust, and pinhole leaks. It can provide a smoother and more efficient water or sewage flow, and we are able to apply it to all pipeline diameters, including half an inch to 12 inches as well. This system is beneficial to all different sizes and purposes of pipelines. Our indoor pipe lining service is a quick fix to a potentially disastrous problem. A burst pipe could cause a great deal of water damage to your home. In the past, floorboards would need to be torn up and your foundation excavated until the area of the burst is found. This would only add to damage, as the main focus would be finding and fixing the pipe, and not avoiding the destruction done to the inside of your home.

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Since we use original access points, we can avoid this additional damage. These access points make our job so much quicker and easier because we can get right down to business, without being hindered by setting up digging equipment and waiting to unearth the pipe. This service can not only be installed in a single day, it improves the quality of your pipeline network as a whole and encourages a much longer lifespan than other pipeline materials. Expected to serve homes for over fifty years without any complications, epoxy-based pipelines have become the new standard in the industry because of their efficiency and long-lasting results.

If you are in the Phoenix area and are worried that you may have a pipe leak and would like to schedule an inspection, please give us a call to make an appointment. If you want to have your indoor pipelines lined with our unique service, call to schedule a time, we would be happy to provide you with our care!

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