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Phoenix, Arizona Sewer Pipe Lining

A damaged or leaking sewer pipe can lead to a huge, time-consuming, and stressful mess. Replacing a water or sewer pipe can require the yard to be completely dug up, taking days to just reach the pipe, then the time that it takes to shut off the water, remove the original piece and then replace it. At NuFlow Phoenix, we offer our customers residing in the Phoenix area an easier, more comfortable, and more affordable solution.

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Our Process

Our sewer pipe lining process doesn’t require us to dig up meters and meters of your home. Instead, all we may need is a small area to do the job. Essentially, our pipe lining process involves installing a new pipe within the old one. There is very little collateral damage associated with this method, and we generally need just a day to complete our job. As a result, we save our customers time by preventing them from needing to schedule time off or finding a temporary place to stay until the work is complete, as our work is so quick that there’s little need for you to leave your home.

Our process begins with completing an inspection of the pipe, using our sewer camera equipment. This allows us to analyze the condition of the pipe while on your property, saving you extra time. Following this, we have to remove the debris in order to provide a smooth surface for the epoxy. Debris, clogs, and other substances need to be cleared out of the sewer line and can be done with most of our equipment. This will help us restore the pipe to its original diameter, so the water flow doesn’t remain effected or worsen after we apply the new pipe liner. In addition, this will also improve the adhesive qualities of the pipe liner and ensure that it is able to cure without any debris causing complications.

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Our unique epoxy is then coated onto the liner and inserted into the pipe. Once in the correct position, the liner is inflated with a bladder. This pushes the epoxy against the pipe walls and helps it maintain the shape while it cures. Curing generally takes several hours, but once it is done, the epoxy becomes a very hard, solid substance. There is no need to remove the outer and original pipe, as the epoxy covers all old cracks or leaks and will maintain its shape for roughly the next 75 years. A final inspection concludes the process and confirms to our experts that the liner was installed correctly.

We are able to provide you an easy fix to a large problem. Not only that, our work can last several years, providing you peace-of-mind and lower maintenance costs over time. Our sewer pipe lining process is affordable and doesn’t leave you with the extra financial baggage of having to landscape again or redesign your bathroom.

If you suspect you may have a pipe leak, please just us a call at 480-508-6634 to schedule an inspection. If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to have your pipes lined with our specialized equipment, we would be happy to assist you! Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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