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Uh-oh! There’s something wrong with the sewer line in your home. You aren’t too sure what the exact problem is but you know something is wrong. The drains are acting up. They don’t seem to empty as quickly as they used to. There’s also a spot out in the yard where the sewer line runs between your home and the street where the lawn is all mushy and it smells like a sewer line has either broken or is leaking. What are you going to do?

Time For A Pipe Inspection

In the Phoenix, Arizona area, you can contact us – NuFlow Phoenix. We can take care of all your sewer line repairs. What this project sounds like is it could be time for some trenchless pipe lining to fix your pipes. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’ll first conduct a video pipe inspection to properly diagnose the problem.

What this involves is one or two small holes dug down to the pipe connections. Once we reach them we will insert a small video camera. The camera sends us a high-quality video so we can get a really good look at what is going on inside your pipes from inside your pipe! This also means we won’t be digging up your yard trying to locate the problem.

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After We Locate The Problem

The video inspection revealed a series of cracks in the lateral pipe that runs to the main line on the street. That’s why there’s a wet and smelly patch in your yard. Some of those cracks are big enough to have leaked a little bit. But we have just the solution. We call it a pipe lining because what will end up happening is that the pipe currently in the ground will host an inner lining that will eliminate the cracks and leaks. We do this by sending an epoxy-coated fabric sleeve down the pipe. We then cure it in place with hot water and steam.

What You End Up With

When the sleeve hardens it creates a thin layer that lines the inside of the host pipe. The host pipe gives it strength and stability and protects it from the ground. Inside the lining is a solid, smooth surface that has no cracks or leaks in it. In other words, the pipe that was there and leaking into your yard has been fixed. The trenchless pipe lining will last at least another 50 years under normal use and will eliminate the need to dig up the host pipe and remove or replace it.

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Why It’s Trenchless

Trenchless pipe lining is called trenchless because we do not dig up your yard with a trench to get to the pipe. It’s quicker for us, saves you money and gets your plumbing back on track a lot faster than traditional sewer repairs. In fact, most trenchless jobs don’t even require your water shut off at all. To find out more or to contact us, in the Phoenix Arizona area call NuFlow Phoenix for your trenchless pipe lining service. Call us direct at 480-508-6634 to book your appointment.

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