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Scottsdale, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair Services

At NuFlow Phoenix, we offer the most innovative methods in indoor pipe repairs. In homes or commercial buildings, we make it our goal to fix any issues as quickly as possible because they can be incredibly damaging if left unchecked.

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Our Indoor Pipe Repair Process

To diagnose and repair the pipe issues within your properties system we use a combination of the latest technology. Before we touch anything else, we will perform a sewer camera inspection. This involves inserting a cable with an HD camera on the end into your pipes to inspect them and see exactly what the source of the problem is. This inspection is performed in real time and we will also provide you with a copy of it via a USB stick or an emailed link to a digital version of it.

Once we have determined the best course of action to take in repairing your pipes. We will get to work immediately using our trenchless pipe lining technology. This allows us to insert a pull in place inflatable liner into your pipes. This liner, which is impregnated with a high-density epoxy, will expand to fill your pipes sealing any leaks through the creation of a pipe within your existing one. Our process saves you time, money, and headache as it prevents the need to dig through the walls and ground.

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The Solution

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your pipes can help extend their life by ensuring that we can catch the symptoms of problems via an inspection before they become an expensive headache. If we find a problem that needs to be fixed quickly, we can use our NuFlow’s Cured-In-Place Pipe systemto repair indoor pipes fast with a solution that will be there for you over the long-term solution.

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