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Sewage problems can be a dangerous andpotent health hazard, and in places with intense heat. This makes repairing the sewer lines even more urgent when you experience an issue in the hot climate of Arizona. Whether its a clog, crack, or other issues affecting your sewer pipe' functionality we will diagnose the problem, find a solution, and get it fixed promptly.

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How Sewage Pipes Stop Working

There are many factors that can strain sewage pipes and cause complications. Soiled water, chemicals, and solids inside of the pipes can become attached to the inner walls and form blockage, reducing the flow capacity of the pipe. External factors like tree roots and extreme temperatures can compromise the efficiency of the sewage pipes and require immediate fixes.

Signs that a Sewer Line Needs Repair

There are signs that can point to a sewer line experiencing complications. If you identify any of these signs in your home or business, contact us as soon as possible to assess the situation.

- Smelling strong odors like sewer gas
- Hearing a bubbling sound
- Seeing lush, green patches in grass
- Receiving high water bills
- Experiencing frequent clogging or backups

The best way to find the source of your sewer problem is via a sewer camera inspection, which NuFlow is proud to offer free of charge. This inspection will allow us to see the inside of your pipes via an HD camera we can insert into your pipes through a pre-existing access point. This real-time video will be used to find the source of your issues, and a recorded version will be given to you on a USB stick or an emailed link to a digital copy. Once we figure out what the problem is, we can provide the correct solution, saving you time and money.

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Renewing With NuFlow is Affordable

We have helped home and business owners renew their sewer lines at a fraction of the cost for many years. Our state-of-the-art technologies will diagnose the problem, and we will propose the best solution to your property needs. We avoid breaking walls or digging trenches to get the job done, renewing your pipes with modern, innovative techniques.

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