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Drain cleaning is a crucial part of home maintenance in the same way that electrical system upkeep, chimney flue cleanings, and roof repair are, though it is often disregarded until serious damage has occurred. Maintaining clean drains ensures a safe home and no shocking sudden expenses - with a regular service discount, NuFlow Phoenix is able to assist you in pinpointing any future problems, and prevent small issues from becoming big ones in a way that won’t flatten your wallet.

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Kitchen grease, hair, and other debris can build up in your pipes over time to form a clog, plant roots can grow into and impede pipe flow, and shifting or settling ground can warp or break pipes. These are several of the issues frequently encountered by home or business owners, and their effects can be mitigated or even repaired by regular pipe cleanings. A failure of your sewer system can lead to raw sewage overflow in your yard or basement, stagnant or non-draining pipes, or expensive pipe replacement, all often accompanied by the inundation of your home with noxious fumes from the pipe’s contents.

Additionally, pipes, as all building materials, have a lifespan. This can be extended with proper care, but also shortened without regular cleanings or improper use, such as the disposal of kitchen grease into pipes. Even if you dispose of (for example) grease and kitchen waste appropriately, the habits of the previous owners of your home, or that of your neighbors, can have a direct effect on the health of your sewer system. The material of your pipes is also a key factor in their longevity.

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Without the proper tools and training, it is impossible to diagnose the cause of the problem - what could seem to be a clog could actually be a break in the pipe, for instance - and someone without experience could in fact make the problem worse. A clog can be up to several feet long, and not possible to extract without the tools of a professional; also, most well-meaning homeowners actually succeed only in pushing in and compacting a clog rather than extracting it. At NuFlow Phoenix, our technicians are trained and well-versed in identifying clogs and having the tools necessary to remove them accordingly. Commercially sold drain cleaners are also problematic. They dissolve, rather than remove, clogs, usually leaving most of the clog in the drain while pouring bottle after bottle of cleaning product down them. Their main ingredients have either caustic or oxidizing properties, and are damaging to pipes (even those marketed as “non-damaging”), corroding them and reducing their lifespan. Additionally, the chemicals in drain cleaners are not always completely filtered by water treatment plants, leading to the poisoning of waterways, wildlife, and human drinking water. All of these factors can cause more harm than good, but with NuFlow Phoenix, we offer drain cleaning services that are guaranteed to remove clogs without damaging your pipes.

Our drain cleaning engineers at NuFlow Phoenix are ready to serve you in Sun City and in locations across Arizona. We provide prompt, professional service and expert consultations. Whether for regular drain cleaning and maintenance or for larger jobs, your satisfaction is our most important result. Don’t hesitate - call us today!

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