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Even if relatively new, a plumbing system can encounter problems. Blockages from hair or kitchen grease can form large clogs. Tree roots can grow into pipes. Modern “conveniences” such as flushable wet wipes (or even your pet goldfish) can, like a blocked artery, lead to pipe flow breakdown. In the sometimes extreme temperatures of Phoenix, heat can cause low water pressure and expanding pipes which can burst. These and other issues may require sewer repair.

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Additionally, older plumbing systems will eventually encounter the unfortunate but necessary end-of-life total replacement as the pipes themselves, as well as their seals and fixtures, break down. Depending on the material of their construction, as well as how they were cared for and maintained, this longevity can vary. With today’s average adult using at least 100 gallons of water per day, the efficiency of your sewage lines is highly important (check out this handy guide from the city of Phoenix to maximize your family’s water efficiency use!).

Often, you will begin to notice problems with your plumbing system that indicate needed repairs. Experiencing clogs or slow drains, receiving high water bills (even with your normal usage), noticing strong sewer gas odors, and hearing a bubbling sound in your drain can all be indicators of sewer issues within your home. Frequently wet patches or lush, green areas in the grass of your yard can also point out leakage or damage.

NuFlow, located in Sun City and across Phoenix for your convenience, can assist you in assessing the damage, pinpointing its location, and resolving the problem in a quick, professional manner. We utilize cutting edge technology to ensure long-lasting results: an HD camera inspection of your plumbing system is first conducted to examine the pipe and discover the nature of the problem. This inspection is free of charge, and the footage captured is provided to you via a USB or digital copy. Following the identification of the problem, NuFlow engineers will advise possible treatments and discuss any questions you may have.

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If a complete system replacement or serious repair is required, our trenchless sewer technology can solve your problem in a fast, minimally invasive, and environmentally friendly way! While traditional methods of repair require getting into the walls of your home or business, or digging a trench in your yard to access pipes, trenchless sewer repair simply introduces a tough “lining” (really a brand-new pipe) of durable epoxy resin within your already existing pipe. With a lifespan of 50 years, your newly repaired plumbing system can allow you to rest easy for decades in your home.

Whether for minor or major repair, NuFlow in Sun City is here for you. Let our team of highly trained engineers work with you and your system to effectively solve any clogs or damage your home may be experiencing, and prevent them from happening again. We service residential, commercial, industrial and government facilities, and are happy to work around your needs. Our goal is customer satisfaction - call us today and we’ll prove it!

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