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Are you experiencing a slow drain, noxious sewage smells, the sound of bubbling in your pipes, or other plumbing system issues? Do you have an older home, which may contain a plumbing system in need of replacement? Contact NuFlow’s Sun City branch, whose team will assess damage and make necessary repairs quickly and professionally!

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When contacted, our NuFlow engineers first pinpoint the site of your pipe’s damage using cutting-edge sewer camera inspection. This allows the NuFlow team to discuss the problem and methods of repair with you, our customer, and take time to answer any questions or concerns. The camera inspection is also completely free of charge, and takes away what can be a costly guesswork process.

If the camera’s images reveal a serious issue, rather than a simple case of required basic maintenance or a clog, trenchless pipe lining is available. Trenchless sewer repair offers a minimally invasive solution to your plumbing system problems. While traditional methods involve digging a sizeable trench in the yard of your home or cutting into its walls, as well as replacing whole sections of damaged pipe, the modern trenchless method utilizes only a small access site in your pipe to perform repairs and doesn’t require pipe removal.

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Once the area of damage is assessed, the pipe is cleaned with a high-pressure water stream so that debris can be cleared and the pipe lining will adhere easily. An inflatable bladder coated in a tough epoxy resin is then inserted into the pipe. This “balloon” is directed by a technician to the damage site and inflated so that the resin coats the pipe. The material and type of pipe (i.e., sewer, water, etc.) dictates the formula of resin coating, as well as its method of curing, whether by heat, another high-pressure water bath, or drying.

Not surprisingly, the traditional, more destructive method is also less environmentally friendly, sending damaged pipe sections and plumbing components to a landfill and utilizing new pipe at a faster rate. Trenchless pipe repair does just that - repair, over replacement. Additionally, with a 50-year lifespan, trenchless pipe liners need less frequent replacement than most other pipe materials, allowing you to have one less worry in your home for decades.

In terms of cost, trenchless pipe repair often appears more expensive at first glance. Cost estimates for traditional pipe repair, however, fail to take into account landscaping expenses to fill in any trenches dug in your yard or wall repairs for in-home pipe servicing. Additionally, while trenchless repairs can be completed in a day or less, traditional repair methods can take weeks, adding an expensive temporary hotel relocation for your family while water is turned off in your home.

Whether a large or small repair, NuFlow Phoenix’s team in Sun City is prepared to help you face it with professional, prompt service and expert advice! Contact us today and be amazed at the difference trenchless pipe lining can make in your home!

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