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Tempe, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair Services

Plumbing problems in homes can lead to major complications. Seemingly small leaks can be a sign of a more pressing issue, and at NuFlow, we do everything in our power to fix these leaks before they can cause serious damage. Our trenchless, non-invasive techniques give us the flexibility we need to assist our customers and ensure that their indoor pipe systems are restored quickly and efficiently.

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Early Inspections of Indoor Pipes

Older homes should have inspections performed regularly, and the pipes should be looked at every year as a preventative measure to avoid major complications. Early inspections allow our technicians to identify the early warning signs of potential problems and proactively fix them, saving our customers from having to pay for expensive repairs to fix the pipes or structural damage caused by water leaks.

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NuFlow’s Proven Renewing Method

Regardless of what we discover after our inspections, we have the solutions to fix any problem, and within our customer's budget. Whether you need a full relining or a simple cleaning, we have the tools to perform either job.

Our epoxy-based pipe repairing system restores the pipe from within and bypasses and corrosion and damage. We first use a special pipeline camera to inspect the current state of the pipes and see what type of repair is required. If the problem requires epoxy lining, to fix it we recommend this method because it extends the lifespan of your plumbing system for decades and prevents problems in the future. Not only that, but installation is fast and easy. Within a day, the pipes are renewed and will function for many years.

NuFlow Tempe can help you restore your home’s water pipes better than a regular repair. With our powerful epoxy coating, you save money and avoid the hassle of a complete pipe replacement.

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