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Traditional methods of sewer repair were complex and time-consuming, involving needing to dig a trench to access the pipe. Once the pipe was repaired or replaced a couple of weeks later, homes and businesses were left in disarray with broken walls and floors that needed to be fixed after the fact. This required laborers to be hired, adding additional costs to an already costly expenditure.

At NuFlow, we pride ourselves on our trenchless sewer repair processes that allow us to fix problems within a few days. Not only is it much faster than past methods, but it is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well.

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The NuFlow Alternative to Trenches

Digging trenches create dangerous health hazards for the environment, damaging the roots of trees, contaminating the air with lead and toxic gases. We strive to protect our customers and stand by trenchless sewer repair as our primary method to solving plumbing complications.

At NuFlow, we conduct sewer repairs by creating a pipe with the existing pipe, a process called cured-in-place pipe restoration (CIPP). We first find an entrance to the pipeline without any digging in your home or landscape. Then the pipe is primed for the liquid epoxy mixture to be applied. After the mixture is applied, it takes a few hours to dry and harden, creating a brand new sewer pipe. The new pipe is smooth and durable, increasing the flow of sewage through the pipe as well as preventing tree root intrusions.

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Our revolutionary methods involving trenchless pipe repairs incorporate modern technology and cutting-edge tools to improve sewer systems. We make it our goal to fix our customer's sewer problems in a quick, affordable, and environmentally conscientious way. Contact us and we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your sewer system.

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