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Tucson, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair Services

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Tucson, Arizona Indoor Pipe Repair Services

Every tub, sink, appliance, and toilet in your Tucson home is attached to an indoor drainage pipe that draws the used water away from the fixture or appliance and down to the main sewer line under the house. On occasion, these pipes can become damaged from clogs causing the pipes to break or misalignments as a result of weather fluctuations.

How We Solve Your Indoor Pipe Problems

In order to fix these symptoms in times past, homeowners needed to budget for the high-cost of tearing an indoor pipe out of the home’s walls. Once the pipe was replaced, construction crews were needed to put new walls up. There are new methods on the market now that do not require tearing apart house walls. At NuFlow, we offer indoor pipe repair methods for our customers in Tucson with the intention of keeping the pipes in the walls without destroying your home and property.

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Indoor Pipe Repair Process Tucson, Arizona

Our experienced technician will meet with you to discuss all the symptoms you are experiencing. A camera inspection will be used to examine the indoor pipes for any blockages such as grease build ups. Our technician will lower a small camera attached to an optic cable through a drain and into the pipe to identify any issues. Once the exact condition of the pipe is determined, a pipe cleaning can be performed, if needed. High-pressure hydro jetting is used to forcefully scour away any uneven corrosion build up on the interior pipe wall, which can allow clogging particles to collect. A pressurized water pump, a flexible hose, and a water jetting nozzle are used in this process. The corrosion and any blockages are scrubbed free and rinsed down the indoor pipe, to the main sewer line beneath the house. The force of the water can also break apart and rinse away any clogs.

For our indoor pipe repairs, the old pipe does not need to be removed from the walls and replaced with new pipes. Two procedures are available that create a new pipes inside of your existing Tucson pipes. The pipe lining process sets a liner coated with a resin inside the original pipe. Once it is in position the liner is expanded to inflate and fill cracks and leaks with epoxy resin by pressing the liquid against the interior of the pipe. After allowing a few hours for the curing and hardening process, the liner is deflated and removed, resulting in a clean, new pipe without having to remove the former pipe.

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The process of pipe coating uses a similar resin but applies it with a sprayer nozzle. A hose and the resin jetting nozzle are lowered down to the end of the vent stack. A pump is attached and the resin is sprayed evenly onto the pipe wall. This form of resin only requires seconds to dry and harden. Both our pipe lining and pipe coating processes leave your original indoor pipe in place, but with a brand new, solid pipe inside. NuFlow is proud to serve the Tucson area. Give us a call and let our experienced staff solve your concerns in a cost-effective manner.

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