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Tucson, Arizona Sewer Pipe Relining Services

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Tucson, Arizona Sewer Pipe Relining Services

Trenchless sewer pipe relining is one of the trenchless pipe repair services provided for the residents of Tucson. At NuFlow, we rely on state-of-the-art, trenchless technology in order to accurately diagnose and repair old sewer lines without needing to dig across your property.

In the past, a pipe repair was a heavy burden for a homeowner. Walkways, driveways, and gardens were often damaged by the heavy machinery and large work crews tasked with locating and removing the original, cracked pipe. The pipe replacement process took days, and restoring the landscaping and cement work was a costly investment in the aftermath of an already expensive repair job. At NuFlow, we have modernized the process so that it is more eco-friendly and convenient for our Tucson customers.

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Our Sewer Pipe Relining Process

We begin our work with important diagnostic tools and processes in the form of a sewer camera inspection to view the condition of your Tucson sewer pipeline. This inspection is the most cost-effective, accurate way of determining and pinpointing a problem within the pipeline. The waterproof, robotic camera and the optic cable its attached to are inserted into the pipeline through an access point like a drain or cleanout. Our operator remotely directs the camera throughout the pipeline, capturing 360-degree footage and analyzing it. Once our inspection is completed, we will share our results with our customers and suggest the preferred solution based on the damage found. At NuFlow, we customize the solutions for each situation we encounter, and regardless of the level of damage, we will have the solutions needed to fix it properly.

Cleaning Your Tucson Pipes with Water Jetting

The first step in this process is to prepare the original pipe interior wall for the pipe relining repair. Corrosion, a rough collection of various materials, gathers against the interior pipe wall over time and must be removed prior to our lining installation. The pipe liner needs to adhere to a smooth pipe wall surface in order to be effective and long-lasting. NuFlow employs a high-pressure water treatment called water jetting to scrub the corrosion from the inside of the pipeline. A water pressurizing pump, a flexible hose and a rotating, jetting nozzle are used in this pipe cleaning process. The pressurized water created is able to scour the pipe wall clear from corrosion and is forceful enough to shatter any blockages found along the way.

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Epoxy Resin Coating Pipe Liner

The pipe relining process utilizes an epoxy resin coated liner, which is inserted into the pipeline and set at the correct location. Once in place, the liner is inflated. The resin coating is pressed and held against the inside pipe wall and allowed to harden in place for a few hours. Once the resin curing is complete, the liner is peeled back out and a new, durable pipe wall remains.

NuFlow has a team in your Tucson area. Our dedicated staff is available and prepared to provide you with any trenchless drain repair. Contact us for an appointment to restore your sewer pipes with our advanced technology and knowledge to solve any problem we encounter.

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