Managing a business is all about making the best decision possible for the right price. Between managing staff, supplies, customers, and regular building maintenance, it feels like unexpected expenses are always popping up. You can’t miss a beat and you never want to have to suspend business for maintenance purposes. If you’re spending money to improve your business, you don’t want to be losing money on the other end.

With so many options available, any inconvenience or discomfort can scare off customers. If your parking lot is filled with debris, road work is blocking your entrance, or especially if your sewers are backed up, people will just move on.

No Need to Dig to Fix a Sewer Pipe

One of the best things you can do for your business is to maintain an air of professional control. This becomes increasingly difficult in an emergency. If you have an unexpected sewer blockage or overflow, it can get out of hand quickly and interfere with your ability to do business.

You can, however, keep the doors open and maintain business as usual if you explore trenchless sewer repair options. This means that you can repair or replace your pipes without digging traditional trenches. You will be able to preserve your structures, parking lots, and landscaping while still receiving durable new pipes that meet industry standards.

If you think you might have sewer problems, here is your simplest option: reline your pipes. The last thing you want to do for your business is to put a bandaid on a major problem. However, you can choose to cover up problem spots on your sewer pipes without sacrificing on quality or longevity. Epoxy Pipe Lining fills in holes, cracks, and rusted out pipes by coating the inside with ¼ inch of epoxy resin. This can allow for some real savings for your business.

Your employees and customers aren’t going to be disturbed by extensive digging, you don’t need to pay for replacement pipes, and you now have the protection of your original pipes and the added epoxy resin. This is a quick fix that causes minimal disturbance and saves money.

A Better Solution for Your Business

If you want to stay ahead of the game you can always reline your pipes as a precaution. Get to know the ins and outs of your business. Keep track of when you replace things and how often. What stays strong and what needs constant attention? Examine your pipes and take note of when they were installed, what they’re made of, and any trees that may be likely to invade them.

Are they more than 30 years old and still holding up okay? Sewer pipes tend to be guaranteed for 40-50 years. Get them relined now and protect them against future damage. By preparing ahead of time you can plan for the repairs in your schedule and your budget. An important step in pipe lining is cleaning and inspecting pipe damage, which can already do a lot to improve flow and assess the quality of your pipe. If you’re not experiencing an emergency, consider it an investment. At NuFlow Phoenix, we can help make that investment as pain-free and cost-efficient as possible.