The phrase ‘sewer repair’ is a reason for panic among home and condo owners. The first image that probably comes to your mind is trenches dug in your yard, or out in the driveway. If that wasn’t enough of a hassle, traditional plumbing repairs are expensive and take way too long.

When the solution is just as bad as the problem, you need something better. Years ago, you wouldn’t have had any other choice than digging a trench. Luckily, times have changed.

Here in Tempe AZ, a lot of people don’t know about NuFlow’s no-dig technology. As the name suggests, we can repair your sewer laterals without having to dig anything. This saves you from the expense of renting heavy machinery to dig the trench and the cost of restoring the landscape that the excavation destroyed.

What is no-dig technology?

How can we repair a sewer lateral without digging? In simple terms, we create a pipe inside the damaged pipe. Instead of destroying all your beautiful landscaping to find the leaking pipe, we only use one entry hole in your house.

We start with a video inspection of the damaged pipe. This will help us determine the best way to approach the problem. The inspection will show us if there are any obstructions we need to take care of first. Then, we insert an epoxy saturated felt sleeve through the damaged pipe. Once it’s in place, we inflate it so the liquid coats the walls of the pipe. As the liquid hardens, it takes the shape of the damaged pipe, forming a renewed pipe stronger than the one you had before. After the pipe is set, we remove the felt sleeve and perform a final follow-up inspection to confirm the pipe is ready to use.

Why is the No-Dig Technology Better?

Besides the immediate savings you get from not having to dig a trench, you also save time. The no-dig solution takes hours to complete. Compare that to the days that it takes to dig a trench, and you see why we think no-digging is the way to go.

The other benefit of not having to dig a trench is environmental safety. If a sewer lateral is damaged, chances are that all that wastewater leaked out of the pipe. And if it leaked, all the soil around the pipe has been brewing all those contaminants for a while. That’s fine if they stay underground. But if you start digging, all those bacteria and smells are out in the open.

All of this to say that the no-dig technology saves time, money, and the environment. Here are some common problems that we can fix trenchless:

  • Horizontal, vertical and lateral pipes
  • Corroded and rusty pipes
  • Cracked and leaking plastic, clay, lead and cast iron pipes
  • Misaligned popes
  • Roots blocking your pipes

No-Dig Repairing for Your Sewer Lateral

Get us to repair your lateral sewer and increase your pipe’s capacity flow.  Our professional sewer repair services will save you the stress of disrupting your life every five years. The no-dig technology offers a 50-year life expectancy to your sewer pipes. Save yourself the stress of destroying your property. Call NuFlow Phoenix in Tempe, AZ at 480-508-6634.