Here’s a small dose of reality: your plumbing is going to wear out, leaks will form, and pipes will crack. We know that sounds terrible, but you can relax. Backed up sewer pipes and internal leaks are nothing to be afraid of when you have the right solution.

Leaks and blockages are common problems of old pipes and letting them go unfixed will cause larger problems. Imagine the plumbing inside your walls: when leaks appear all that water and waste is permeating into the structure and foundation of your property. When your plumbing is bad your home is slowly being eroded by the consequences of damaged plumbing. By using professionals and staying on top of small leaks, fixing a small problem can prevent a catastrophe.

Fixing bad pipes

Fixing bad pipes can be an expensive and time-consuming operation. Back in the day, the only way to truly fix pipes would be to completely replace them; referred to in the business as repiping.

Many plumbing companies still recommend repiping but this antiquated approach to the problem is expensive and messy. The re-piping process is extremely aggressive, requiring walls to be torn out, floors to be opened up, and even outdoor excavation.

Why repipe when you can reline?

Thankfully, there is a new method that leaves your old pipes in place, your property intact, and still fixes the leaks and cracks. This incredible new method is known as pipelining, the newest and best technology in the plumbing industry. Pipelining involves using an impermeable epoxy layer which is inserted into the old plumbing, creating a better than new pipe. By using the old pipes and leaving them in place, the pipelining can be done in little time and at a fraction of the cost that repiping would require.

This method even uses existing access points, limiting any damage to your property. Relining your pipes will seal every crack and leak, pinhole leaks, slab leaks, drain cracks, clogged drains, and root intrusion. It even fixes sewer backups!

Your Local Plumbing Repair Service

NuFlow is located in Tempe and is the foremost name of pipelining in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We are proud to be offering pipelining as one of our services. It is the smart, cost-effective, and fastest way to ensure your home against the dangers of old plumbing.

Being local allows us an intimate knowledge of Arizona’s unique water supply issues. We understand the most common problems, ensuring your property gets the best plumbing service in the state. Our team of professionals has years of experience and are the best plumbers in the industry.

NuFlow’s team has the tools and resources required to complete every job. All of our technicians are trained in state of the art techniques, ensuring your sewer relining will be completed to the highest standards.

If you suspect your property is home to leaky, broken, or backed-up pipes, do not hesitate to give NuFlow Phoenix a call at 480-508-6634. Let us save you money, time, and headaches. Our team is here to help!