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Collapsed pipes are a common and frustrating problem to have. A collapsed pipe can prevent you from doing simple tasks such as showering and cleaning dishes, but what is more troubling is the risk it causes for your entire plumbing system. If not repaired quickly, the damaged site will expand and even impact your property’s interior. At NuFlow Phoenix, we have the experience and advanced tools necessary to repair your collapsed pipe without digging up your property.




What Can Cause Your Phoenix Pipes to Collapse?

There are a variety of causes for a collapse in your pipes. Some of the most common reasons your pipes may collapse are old age, tree root invasion, stubborn clogs, and extreme weather. With time and use, your pipes will be susceptible to corrosion and begin deteriorating. This deterioration will weaken your pipes and can ultimately lead to a complete collapse.

Tree root intrusions are also a leading cause of pipe collapses. They occur when a small crack in your lines emits water into the ground. This moisture attracts vegetation such as tree roots which will begin growing inside of your pipes, expanding the crack and even leading to a collapse.

In some cases, stubborn clogs can lead to a collapsed pipe. Clogs that prevent proper water flow will build up pressure and can burst your pipe if not cleared away in time and extreme water temperatures like the ones we experience in Phoenix and throughout Southern Arizona that causes your pipes to freeze or thaw suddenly can cause stress on your sewer lines and lead to collapse.


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Signs You May Have a Collapsed PIpe

There are many obvious signs that your pipe has collapsed. Here are a few signs to look out for that call for professional help:

  • Foul odors coming from your drains is a good sign that something is wrong internally. This often means that you have a stubborn clog, a leak, or a collapse in your lines.

If you are noticing excess moisture or mold around your property, it could be due to a collapse. Especially soggy spots in your yard can also be a warning sign.

If you are experiencing consistent clogs in your bathtub or toilet, there is probably something deeper going on. While this may just be a clog, it could also be a leak or break in your pipes.

No water is a clear sign that something is wrong with your system, but low water pressure can also be cause for concern. If there is a collapse in your lines, water will have trouble making its way to your faucets.

Work with the Most Trusted Pipe Professionals in the Phoenix Area

If your pipe is severely damaged or collapsed, we will probably recommend our pipe bursting method. This method uses equipment that is inserted into your lines to break away the damaged section and pull in a new pipe all at once. If your Phoenix property has a collapsed pipe, NuFlow is standing by to give you a lasting repair at an affordable price. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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