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Cracked pipes are more complex than a simple clog and can be difficult to diagnose. If you have a cracked pipe, it could cause a variety of troubling symptoms and result in serious damage to your entire pipelining system. Our team at NuFlow Phoenix knows how to accurately diagnose your cracked pipe and repair it quickly so that you avoid serious damage.




Signs Your Phoenix Pipes Could be Cracked

Because your pipelining system is primarily underground, it can be difficult to tell whether you have a cracked pipe without a professional diagnosis. However, there are some telling symptoms to look out for that may be due to a crack in your line.

Foul odor – If you are noticing a sewage odor on your Phoenix property, it could be because your pipe is cracked and sewage is leaking out.

Mold/mildew – Mold or mildew on your walls or ceiling is another symptom of cracked pipes.

Recurring clogs – Are you noticing recurring clogs in your toilet or bathtub? While it may be easy to assume it is due to a severe clog, a broken pipe may also be the culprit.

Recurring backups – If your drains are experiencing frequent backups, it could be due to a broken sewer line.

High water bills – Are your water bills higher than normal? This could be because you have a leak that is causing water to seep out into the ground.

Poor water quality – if you are noticing a strange smell, taste, or color in your water, it is probably because you have a leak or corrosion in your pipelines.


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Restore Your Phoenix Pipes with Trenchless Technology

At NuFlow, we proudly use the most advanced trenchless technology to repair cracked pipes.
Behind every lasting repair is an accurate diagnosis. Our team uses advanced camera technology to pinpoint the exact location and type of repair you need. This works by inserting a small, water-proof camera into your lines and navigating it throughout your system. This camera will capture live footage of the interior of your pipes so that we can personalize a repair that will fit your needs.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe relining is a trenchless solution that repairs a section of your pipeline with minor cracks or leaks. This works by inserting an inflatable tube, saturated in resin, into your pipelines. Once in place, the tube is inflated so that it completely coats your pipe’s interior with resin. Once it is cured, you will be left with a durable new pipeline.

If you suspect a crack in your pipeline, NuFlow Phoenix will diagnose and repair your system quickly. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.


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