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Regular drain cleaning is an important home maintenance task that is often neglected. It is easy to ignore the plumbing system in your house, as it is covered by the walls and floors. As long as the sinks are draining and the toilets are flushing, you might think that everything is fine.

However, there are clogs starting to build up deep inside the pipes, and if they are not removed, they can eventually end up blocking the pipe completely, preventing the wastewater from passing through, or even worse, sending it back into your house.

Pipes and sewer lines can get clogged for many reasons. Sometimes when you flush something that is not meant to be flushed, such as cotton balls, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products. Other sources of obstructions like tree roots, which love to enter the pipes and thrive in the moist environment, growing until they block the water flow can also cause serious issues.

Even the hair and soap from your showers can stick to the pipes’ surface, creating a sticky clog which traps and debris that passes by. This is also common with grease and food from your kitchen sink.

That's why regular drain cleaning is important: it is always easier to get rid of a small clog than to have to deal with one that has completely blocked the pipe. Once the pipe is blocked, the water pressure will increase. If the pipe is old this can cause it to crack and leak, or even burst leading to an expensive repair or replacement.

Although there are many home “solutions” which claim to be able to clean the drains, they usually are just a waste of money. Chemical cleaners can only deal with very simple clogs, and can even damage the pipes, doing more harm, than good.

Plumbing snakes and similar tools are good for poking a hole into the clog, which will let the water pass, giving a false impression that the problem has been solved, when in reality the obstruction will soon close up again.

At Nu Flow Phoenix we have access to technology which will make the wastewater flow away as it should, it's called hydro jetting. Simply put, it consists of blasting a high-pressure stream of water through a special nozzle. This flushes away most clogs, and even tree roots and mineral buildups can be removed with it.

For tougher buildups, we have plumbing snakes that have a set of blades on their end. Once they reach the clog, they rotate rapidly, cutting up the obstruction into tiny pieces. All our staff is highly trained and ready to use these and other drain cleaning tools, always selecting the best one for cleaning the drains and sewer line in your home or business.

Don’t Let The Problem Get Out of Hand

As soon as you notice the water from your drains slowing down, give us a call and have your pipes cleaned out. Even if everything seems fine it is recommended to clean the drains at least once a year, so call us today for a free estimate.

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