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Indoor Pipe Repair

Whether there are leaks inside of your pipes or major blockages, NuFlow Phoenix technicians are experts at conducting indoor pipe repairs. Integrating trenchless technology into our repair processes to fix the pipes that are hidden deep under the floors or far into your walls allows our team to produce solutions that don’t cause any damage to your home or business in the process.

Traditionally, indoor pipe repair jobs would require experts to make large holes in your walls or dig trenches in the middle of your flooring to access these pipes and find the faults. With NuFlow Phoenix’s state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, no such intrusion is necessary. To determine the exact location and nature of the fault within the pipe, we first conduct a sewer camera inspection. This involves inserting a camera into the pipe through a small access point. The camera captures high-quality footage of the interior of the pipe, helping our technicians understand where the issue is and the extent of the damage as well. Once the best course of action has been determined and discussed with you, our technician will start working to fix your pipes.

Depending on the damage discovered in our initial inspection, if we decide to move forward with pipe relining, our technicians will insert a pull-in-place inflatable liner inside the pipes. This liner is coated with a high-density epoxy resin, and when the liner expands to fill the interior of your pipe, the walls will be coated with the resin. The resin will be allowed to cure for a few hours, and after it has hardened completely, any leaks and cracks found in the pipeline will be sealed away while the pipe is completely renewed. These epoxy-based pipes are expected to have a lifespan of fifty years or more, and with our services, you can expect your pipes to serve your home without any complications for many years.

Our ability to create a pipe within a pipe without digging trenches is the most technologically advanced solution for indoor pipe repair. This process saves our customers time and money while ensuring that no extra restoration work is required once the repairs are complete. At NuFlow Phoenix, we understand how pipe repair can seem like a nightmare for anyone to have on their property. Fortunately, we have the technology, professional crew, and experience required to ensure that your daily schedule is not interrupted due to the repair work and no extra money is wasted on unnecessary home remediation. At NuFlow Phoenix, we are proud to offer these trenchless solutions for our customers across the Phoenix area and ensure that their home remains in pristine condition.

At NuFlow Phoenix, we guarantee that our services will leave you completely satisfied and impressed with how convenient trenchless solutions can be for your indoor pipe repair jobs. Call us now to schedule a sewer camera inspection of your pipes to see what shape they are in. We can diagnose and resolve the problem without wasting any time, ensuring your pipes receive the proper fix that they need.

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