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Leaking Pipes

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Pipe leaks can become a serious concern for Phoenix residents if toxic contents spew into homes or front yards. Fortunately, leaking pipes are detectable before NuFlow is notified of a plumbing emergency. The contents of pipes comprise both gas and liquid elements, which endanger both commercial and residential areas if construction or tree roots cause leaks. In the case of this circumstance, homeowners are advised to locate the general area of a leak and contact one of our plumbers without delay. We have several methods to assess the cause of leaking pipes and restore sewer line systems.



Spotting Ruptured Pipes

There are both obvious and subtle symptoms of ruptured pipes. Once the contents of pipes ooze outwards onto lawns or basements, Phoenix homeowners will likely be alerted to standing pools of water, vermin, and unpleasant odors. Less obvious signs, which might be mistaken as clogged drains, include stagnant pools of water in sinks and drains. Pipe leaks may contaminate homes with dangerous chemicals—potentially causing hazards to human health. It is always a good idea to contact NuFlow if sinks and drains are constantly clogged and provide a warning for bigger plumbing issues. Our services range from routine inspections to more sophisticated methods of leak detections.

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NuFlow’s Pipe Leak Services

Pipe leak detection can be conducted in numerous ways and depends on whether the pipes contain gas or liquid contents. Regardless of the type and magnitude of pipe leaks, NuFlow precisely uncovers the location and cause of leaks. The first service we offer is hydrostatic leak detection which employs an inflatable ball to gauge the pressure in pipes. Once the access hole is dug and we insert the ball, the water level rises and if the content escapes, we can determine the length and location of a leak.

Slab Leak Detection is the second means to discover the nature of broken pipes. A sewer camera inspection determines if there is a pipe leak before we use pressure assessments and electronic listening tests. Phoenix homeowners may select this option if flowing water can be detected behind walls and there is a significant rise in energy bills. This form of leak detection uncovers liquid leaks instead of broken gas lines. These pipelines run underground and require electronic measurements to reveal the source of leaks.

NuFlow’s final leak detection service revolves around smoke/odor testing in sewer line systems. We begin this process by blocking off sections of suspected broken pipes. Then, through an access point, the pipe is filled with smoke to see if it escapes through cracks and ruptures. In the case of both liquid and gas leaks, we can detect the location of broken pipes by the odor. Phoenix homeowners will be protected from extensive damages and costs from smoke/odor testing if symptoms of a broken pipe emerge.

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Apart from mending pipe leaks, NuFlow offers drain and pipe cleaning procedures which strengthen sewer systems and protect them from blockages. Keeping pipes from rupturing requires active maintenance, which our plumbers can assist with either inspections or consultation.

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