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At NuFlow Phoenix, we offer an efficient, effective, green solution to old pipe repairs that'll save you time and money. If your home's age is about 40 years old and you don't remember the last time you had your sewer pipes inspected, or you have never had it done, it's best to call for professional service to check your system for any necessary repairs.



What is the NuFlow Process for Old Pipe Repairs?

Before trenchless technology was invented, the only way to repair broken sewer pipes was to dig up trenches in an effort to locate the problem. Homeowners and business owners had to deal with the massive disruption caused by heavy machinery and excavation. It's not uncommon for residents to have to leave their houses and establishments to halt daily operations as their sewer system is being repaired. More time is consumed on putting the landscape back together after the repair has been completed.

Our team utilizes the latest CCTV equipment and methods to inspect, clean, and repair old pipes and replace outdated systems without the week-long inconveniences and unnecessary expenses. The process begins with a pipe inspection. By making use of an existing entry point such as a sewer line cleanout or creating one, our trained and experienced technicians can get to any point in your sewer system and navigate through bends and curves to locate sewer pipe problems. The real-time footage shows crystal clear images of your sewer lines transmitted to a monitor above the ground, allowing you to see the problem and our technicians to strategically plan a high-quality repair.


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What Kind of Pipes are Considered Old and Need to be Updated?

Older materials cause plenty of plumbing issues for their owners. Corrosion, pinhole leaks, and collapsing are just a few common reasons for sewer line failure. Rust manifests itself as brown-colored water in your drinking supply or out the faucet. Additionally, older pipes are susceptible to everyday clogs and tree root invasion. Over time, they will have to be replaced due to age.

There's a high likelihood that pipes on older properties are of the following materials:

  • Galvanized pipes
  • Lead
  • Terracotta
  • Orangeburg
  • Tar paper
  • Clay

How We Perform Trenchless Repair on Old Pipelines

At NuFlow Phoenix, we are knowledgeable in regards to repairing old systems using the latest innovations in the plumbing industry. After a sewer camera inspection using CCTV cameras, we recommend pipe relining.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) uses a special epoxy resin to seal the inside of your broken pipe, forming a new structure while leaving the existing one in place. After a few hours, the resin hardens and homeowners will be able to use their plumbing immediately. 

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Our technicians can get everything fixed in just a few hours. We service customers in Scottsdale, Sun Valley, Tempe, Arcadia, Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, and Sun City.

Homeowners and business owners will have a new, seamless, and durable pipe that won't crack, rust, corrode, or get invaded by roots as easily as traditional material. Call us today.


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