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At NuFlow Phoenix, we use our Nu Line system to repair pinhole leaks or other pipe problems without having to dig or tear open walls. This technology can be used in potable water pipeline systems, HVAC, fire suppression, gas, and other pressurized pipes with diameters of 1/2 to 12 inches, ultimately saving our customers time and money from relying on traditional dig-and-replace repair methods that are time-consuming and destructive in nature.

Our pipe lining services allow us to fix a variety of problems in homes and office buildings across Phoenix. Epoxy pipe lining allows for the restoration of plumbing, structural pipe, and mechanical systems, and is a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of pipes without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of building structures, hardscape, or landscape. Nu Line is used not only as a solution to prevent corrosion and leaks but is commonly used as a preventative tool to prolong the life of existing piping systems.

How Epoxy Pipe Lining Process Works In Arizona

NuFlow Phoenix utilizes NuFlow’s epoxy pipe lining process to rehabilitate failing or aged drinking water (potable) lines, HVAC, fire suppression, fountain, pool, and other pressurized pipe systems. This innovative system uses existing access points that prevent destruction, therefore preventing the need for the relocation of residents or tenants. This technique can be used to renovate pipes with diameters that range from ½ to 12 inches in size.

First, the pipe system is mapped out and pinhole leaks are found using compressed air. Next, the pipes are thoroughly cleaned to remove any corrosion buildup, increasing flow throughout the system. Then, clean, compressed air is used to push liquid epoxy throughout the pipe system. This epoxy cures to form a protective barrier coating throughout the pipe system. The epoxy pipe liner that is created within the host pipes prevents pinhole leaks, buildup, rusted water, and other common failures from occurring in the future. This innovative solution can be easily used for pipes with a lot of bends and for pipelines that include changes in diameter.


The Benefits Of Epoxy Pipe Lining For Home & Business Owners

One of the biggest benefits of epoxy pipe lining on plumbing systems is the fact that their material is extremely durable. It is resistant to many factors that old pipes were damaged by. For example, old iron pipes are susceptible to corrosion and rust, leading to cracks in the pipes themselves.

With epoxy, linings not only can close those leaks and cracks but reinforce the inner lining of the entire pipe themselves to ensure a stronger structure. The newly lined pipes will last for several decades or more after the epoxy resin is coated in the inner layer of the pipe. This improved durability can make a huge difference in pipes that have a history of repeated issues.

They can also be used for repairs on residential, commercial, or utility pipes, as they work well with a large number of pipe materials. Without the need for a trench to be dug, epoxy linings can be placed down much faster than other types of plumbing methods, usually only taking a few hours to completely install.

For pipeline complications in residential and commercial buildings, including leaks, pipe breakages, clogged drains, root intrusions, and sewer backups, call NuFlow Phoenix for effective repairs. We utilize our NuFlow Nu Drain system to clean and line failing non-pressurized pipe systems, including all types of sanitary drain, kitchen drain, roof drain, and vent systems up to 12″ in diameter. This technology prevents the need to dig holes in order to access the failing pipes, ultimately saving you money and time.

The Residential & Commercial Structural Pipe Lining Process

NuFlow Phoenix uses NuFlow’s structural lining system to rehabilitate failing or aged sanitary drain, kitchen drain, vent, roof drain, storm drain, and other non-pressurized pipe systems. This unique process uses existing access points to prevent the need for destruction, therefore preventing the need for relocation of residents and tenants. Pipes with diameters that range from 3/4 inch to 12 inches can be renovated using this technique, and there are various factors that we consider prior to conducting structural pipelining, including:

  • • The diameter of the pipe

  • • Ovality of the existing pipe

  • • The depth of the pipe

  • • The shape of the pipe

  • • The current condition of the pipe

  • • The amount of groundwater over the pipe

  • • The density of surrounding soil

First, the sewer or drain pipe system is mapped out using cameras. Since debris build-up is often discovered throughout the pipe system, sewer drain cleaning is performed before the lining process. After years and years of use, sewer and drain lines get clogged with debris, which greatly reduces the internal diameter and hinders flow. Sewer drain cleaning ensures that the interior of the pipe is brought back to its original diameter. Our services include fixing pipelines in structures such as homes, factories, industrial buildings, offices, restaurants, apartment complexes, condominiums, and more.

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Indoor Pipeline Repair Services In Phoenix

Traditionally, indoor pipe repair jobs would require experts to make large holes in your walls or dig trenches in the middle of your flooring to access these pipes and find the faults. With NuFlow Phoenix’s state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, no such intrusion is necessary. To determine the exact location and nature of the fault within the pipe, we first conduct a sewer camera inspection.

This involves inserting a camera into the pipe through a small access point. The camera captures high-quality footage of the interior of the pipe, helping our technicians understand where the issue is and the extent of the damage as well. Once the best course of action has been determined and discussed with you, our technician will start working to fix your pipes.

Depending on the damage discovered in our initial inspection, if we decide to move forward with pipe relining, our technicians will insert a pull-in-place inflatable liner inside the pipes. Our ability to create a pipe within a pipe without digging trenches is the most technologically advanced solution for indoor pipe repair. This process saves our customers time and money while ensuring that no extra restoration work is required once the repairs are complete. At NuFlow Phoenix, we are proud to offer these trenchless solutions for our customers across the Phoenix area and ensure that their home remains in pristine condition.

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If your Arizona residence or commercial property is experiencing pinhole leaks, slab leaks, rusty water, or other failures within pressurized pipe systems, please contact us now. Our reliable technicians can restore your property’s pipeline networks with professionalism and speed. If your home or business is plagued with plumbing problems, such as pinhole leaks, slab leaks, rusty water, buildup, and other mechanical pipe system problems, call NuFlow Phoenix today at 480-508-6634 for a solution that’s affordable quality.

* NuFlow Phoenix’s epoxy coating solution meets the industry standards set forth by NSF and IAPMO, and is UL Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

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