Sewer Pipe Lining

Having problems with the sewer line can be a total nightmare. In ideal conditions, the water that flows down the drain from your shower or sink, as well as when you flush the toilet, is carried away by gravity through a series of pipes until it reaches the sewer main. It is then sent to water treatment facilities, and you probably never even pay attention to this process since it happens every day without your intervention.

Sewer Pipe Problems

However, those pipes can crack or break, leaking sewage into the soil, and detecting this is sort of problem requires a professional. Your sewer line is buried underneath your property and your home's slab. Repairing it involves highly skilled engineering work. No matter how much you enjoy fixing things, when we are talking about sewer lines you should leave the job to the pros, and you need to be careful with who you hire.

Some plumbing companies like to do things the old-fashioned way. They are either just used to it or don’t have the technology required. The problem with this is that any repair will involve having to dig up the pipes, which is not only costly but can take many days. At Nu Flow, we use a technique called sewer pipelining, and the beauty of it is that there is almost no digging involved.

How Sewer Pipe Lining Works

The first step is inspecting the sewer pipes. For this, we use a small video camera that is inserted into the sewer line. It sends a video feed to a monitor, where we can check the pipe’s condition. Any cracks, broken pieces, loose joints, and clogs are displayed, and we can also check the exact location of each problem detected.

Then we need to clean out the pipes. After many years of service, all sewer lines start to show debris building up, which needs to be removed. With the help of a pneumatic cutter, we will get rid of these obstructions, which also restores the pipe to its original diameter.

Once the line is clean, we can proceed with lining your sewer pipe. A liner is first coated with a unique epoxy formula and inserted into the pipe system. Once it reaches the spot that needs to be repaired, a bladder is inflated so it pushes the liner firmly onto the pipe’s walls. A few hours later the epoxy hardens and turns into a rock-solid piece which covers cracks and broken pipe pieces. Instead of just patching the pipe, it replaces it and becomes a pipe within the pipe, and can last for over 75 years. Forget about fixes that will last a few months; this method is a long-term solution.

As a final step, we will do another video inspection to make sure the problem has been solved correctly. This whole job can be completed in less than a day and it is much more affordable than having to dig out the pipes. Contact us today and receive a free estimate.

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