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Sewer Pipe Relining

At NuFlow Phoenix, our expert technicians are skilled with all the experience and machinery required to repair any sort of sewer pipe damage and can ensure that you don’t face a wastewater flood on your property. Instead of digging through your property and having you spend a lot of money first on repair work and then on the restoration process, our trenchless technology allows us to perform these services through no-dig solutions.

Problems with your sewer pipe can be dangerous for several reasons. Along with disrupting the regular routine of your home or business, sewer pipe problems can also cause health hazards and cost you a lot of money in repair work if not fixed in time. Our solutions are designed to resolve the problems commonly found in pipelines, such as clogs, corrosion, cracks, and leaks, by effectively rehabilitating the pipes completely from within. We strive to keep our customers safe, and because of this, we ensure that our repair methods are eco-friendly and efficient. With the assistance of our professionals, we can keep your pipes in peak condition for many years.

Our technicians first insert a video camera through a small access point into your sewer line to assess the damage and accurately pinpoint its locations inside your pipes. Once the video inspection is complete, our technicians clean out the sewer pipes, making them free of all debris and mineral buildup that may be covering the interior. This process utilizes pure, safe water to remove the waste, and we purposefully use strictly water in this process to avoid any risk of chemical degradation.

Once clean, the technicians would proceed to the pipe relining process, which involves quoting a liner with a special epoxy formula and inserting it into the pipe system. After it reaches the spot that needs to be fixed, a bladder is inflated so it pushes the liner firmly into the pipe’s interior walls, forcing the epoxy to evenly coat the walls. After the epoxy has been applied, the liner is deflated and removed before the resin is given time to harden within a few hours and turns into a hard coating, which covers all the leaks and cracks in the pipe. The lining we install creates a pipe within your pipe, which lasts for at least fifty years or more, and this can be further increased and maintained with proper maintenance and checkups over the years as well. This new lining is very strong and will not require additional services once set in place.

Through this trenchless technology, our staff at NuFlow Phoenix can inspect, clean, and repair your sewer pipes within a day. Your landscaping, yard, and patio will not need to be damaged or dug through to reach your pipes, and your schedule won’t have to come to a standstill to accommodate our services. Call us now to discuss how our services can help ensure your drain system can be inspected and repaired. At NuFlow Phoenix, our team is trained to be professional and customer-friendly, and our no dig-solutions are efficient and affordable.

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