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Is your residential or commercial building experiencing drain problems, such as leaks, breaks in pipe, off-set pipe, clogged drains, root intrusion or sewer backups? If so, please contact us now. We utilize Nu Flow’s patented Nu Drain system to clean and line failing non-pressurized pipe systems, including all types of sanitary drain, kitchen drain, roof drain and vent systems up to 12″ in diameter. This technology prevents the need to dig holes in order to access the failing pipes, ultimately saving you money and time.

Structural Pipe Lining Process

Nu Flow Phoenix uses Nu Flow’s patented structural lining system to rehabilitate failing or aged sanitary drain, kitchen drain, vent, roof drain, storm drain and other non-pressurized pipe systems. This unique process uses existing access points to prevent the need for destruction, therefore preventing the need for relocation of residents and tenants. Pipes with diameters that range from 3/4″ to 12″ can be renovated using this technique.

First, the sewer or drain pipe system is mapped out using cameras. Since debris build-up is often discovered throughout the pipe system, sewer drain cleaning is performed before the lining process. After years and years of use, sewer and drain lines get clogged with debris, which greatly reduces the internal diameter and hinders flow. Sewer drain cleaning ensures that the interior of the pipe is brought back to its original diameter. We use Nu Flow’s innovative, pneumatic cutting tools, which are specially-designed to be utilized in difficult-to-access areas, can negotiate 90 degree turns and will not damage the pipes. These cutters provide the Nu Flow Phoenix team with excellent sewer drain cleaning services, preparing the pipes for the lining process.

Then, an epoxy-saturated liner is inserted into the pipe system. Once the liner is pulled into the correct location, an internal bladder is filled with air, pushing the epoxy-soaked liner against the interior walls of the original pipe. After a few hours, this epoxy cures to form a new, seamless liner within the host pipe. This new liner covers all existing cracks in the pipe and is incredibly strong, preventing cracks and blockages from forming in the future.

Nu Flow’s innovative tools and equipment can also be used for spot repairs (fixing an isolated crack or another failure in the system, as opposed to lining the entire pipe line), for laterals (reinstatement tools are utilized) and for pipelines that include changes in diameter.

If your home or business is plagued with plumbing problems, such as drain leaks, clogged drains, root intrusion, sewer backups and other drain problems, please contact us today for an affordable, proven, long-term solution!

* Nu Flow Phoenix’s structural lining solution meets the industry standards set forth by NSF and IAPMO.

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