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Tree Root Invasion

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Tree roots that puncture your pipeline, or tree root invasions, can cause serious damage to your home or business if not dealt with properly. At NuFlow Phoenix, we are experienced in accurately diagnosing tree root intrusions and solving the problem in a quick and affordable manner that does not involve digging trenches across your property.



What is a Tree Root Invasion?

A tree root invasion is when tree roots invade or intrude on your pipeline or your whole pipe system. This problem is often seen in aging pipeline systems, where small cracks or holes are beginning to form. When a tree root reaches these small cracks, they will begin to grow inside of your pipeline, causing the hole to expand and creating blockages in your system. As you can imagine, this has a direct effect on the functionality of your piping system including the flow of water and drainage. When a tree root invasion occurs, it is vital to have a professional repair your line immediately as the moisture released from a single intrusion will attract more root growth and cause cracks to expand.

When to Call a Professional to Service Your Valley Pipes

Because your pipes are underground, our team at NuFlow Phoenix understands that it can be difficult to diagnose a tree root invasion from the symptoms alone. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is a good idea to call a professional from NuFlow Phoenix to inspect your system and decide on an appropriate repair.

Removing Tree Roots from Your Pipes

At NuFlow Phoenix, our team is made up of experienced experts who are competent in a variety of trenchless technology. Our top-of-the-line trenchless services make us the go-to company for solving tree root invasions in the Phoenix area. Our trenchless methods mean we can solve the majority of your pipelining problems from the inside – making the process faster, affordable, and less intrusive than traditional services that require excavation.

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Hydro Jetting for Valley Residents

Hydro jetting is a popular service as it can solve a wide range of pipeline issues and is also effective in maintaining a clean and functioning system. This piece of equipment is essentially a pressurized water hose that is inserted into your pipeline and sprays in a circular motion to blast away the intrusion and clear the blockage.

Sewer Lining

Once our team at NuFlow Phoenix has cleared your pipes of tree roots, we will then decide on an appropriate method to repair your damaged pipeline. In most cases, we will recommend sewer lining. This is a trenchless process where we insert a tube, saturated in resin, into your pipeline. We then inflate, dry, and remove it, leaving you with a new line that can last up to fifty years.

At NuFlow Phoenix, we use innovative and environmentally friendly technology to repair your valley pipelines in the most effective way possible. Contact our friendly associates today to learn more about our tree root invasion services and schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.


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