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NuFlow recognizes that the plumbing systems in Phoenix homes not only consist of drain pipes and sewer lines—but vent stack lining as well. Waste systems are composed of both sewage pipes and vent stacks, which expel gasses to balance atmospheric pressure in plumbing systems. Indoor plumbing needs vent stacks to keep the collective waste systems operating effectively. Like drains and pipes, vent stacks experience clogs if they are not regularly maintained by our plumbers. If unchecked clogs do occur, the vent stacks may become damaged and not properly expel gasses and odors from plumbing systems.



The Basics of Vent Stack Lining

There is tremendous air pressure in septic systems that need to be steadied by vent stacks. Imagine all the compressed fumes and oxygen in septic systems. These gasses do not magically disappear or dissipate—but are released by vent stacks. Not only does the gasses and odors need to be expelled from pipes, but the component of clean oxygen also helps regulate water flow. If a septic system is deprived of fresh air, stoppages may occur that can jeopardize the sewage systems of Phoenix homeowners.

Vent stacks extend the roofs of homes that allow in oxygen and release gasses. NuFlow can install the vertical pipes that link the vent stacks to septic systems. The pressure in pipes essentially becomes balanced by the vent stacks because hot air rises and escapes through openings in drain lines. If the vent stacks fail to emit noxious gasses, pipes may become compressed and clogged. In the case of broken vent stacks, sewage fumes may enter one’s home.

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How to Identify Dysfunctional Vent Stacks

Identifying the early symptoms of a dysfunctional vent stack can help contain harmful fumes and odors from escaping septic systems. If vent stacks and air vents break down, the entire sewage system will fail to operate effectively. A stopped air vent can also occur from external factors—such as ice, debris from leaves and plants, and even pools of water after seasonal storms. However, Phoenix residents do not have to endure this catastrophe by following NuFlow’s hand-selected tips.

The signs of damaged or blocked vent pipes are quite visible for attentive homeowners. Vent Stacks connect to the interior of homes. If drains are constantly clogged or sinks fail to remove water, there might be issues with one’s vent stacks. Further, if clogged drains cannot be fixed after augers are employed, a serious plumbing issue may be at hand for Phoenix residents. NuFlow recommends that homeowners immediately contact our plumbing specialists especially if the foul septic smell lingers in homes. Finally, if the damaged vent stacks remain unchecked, the gurgling sound in drains will cease and pressure will build in the clogged stacks and pipes. Luckily, dysfunctional vent stacks can be an easy fix if homeowners can locate the symptoms before plumbing issues escalate.

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NuFlow expertly assesses the entirety of septic systems to prevent common plumbing problems like clogged pipes and vent stacks. Phoenix residents can rest assured that their septic systems will be protected by our seasoned plumbers. Contact us today for more information about vent stacks or other plumbing concerns.


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