You’ve worked hard to make sure that your business is secure and provides a significant need for the community. But what if the city you’re located in has unknowingly hurt your business by installing a defunct sewer system on your street? That is what happened in Mesa back in 2010 when a horrible odor created a real stink for Andrzej Derkacz’s violin shop.

A Lingering Odor Creates a Disturbing Ambience in a Mesa Music Shop

When the residents of Baseline Road and Loop 101 started to send complaints to City Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh, he took action and went to the city employees who simply told him that they were working on the situation.

A representative for Mesa’s wastewater systems, Jake West, stated that the strong odor had been a problem since Loop 101 was constructed in the 1990s. West said that during his 15 to 16 years in the city “We always had issues with odor along the Baseline corridor.”

The City of Mesa ships most of its sewage west to the 91 Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is partially owned by the city. The pipes are situated under Baseline Road and end at the intersection of 101.

When the pipes were installed, the department of transportation knew that they would need to have an odor-control facility. Since then a bio scrubber and carbon tower have been installed to clean the air. But the city has still experienced issues with leaky pipes, which has caused the smell to come back at times.

In 2007, Mesa spent $3.2 million dollars for an overhaul of their sewer lines. Here at NuFlow in Phoenix, we can’t help but wonder if the good people of Mesa could have saved a ton of money if they had only used our innovative pipe lining technology instead.

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