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Mesa, Arizona Trenchless Pipe Lining Services

Back before trenchless technology improved the plumbing industry, the process of sewer repair was extensive, expensive and disruptive. Contractors had to dig up large swaths of land to get to a leaky pipe. Then, the homeowner had to put all that dug-up land back together.

Now that trenchless technology is available there’s no reason to go back to traditional sewer line repairs anymore. There’s no need to remove the old pipe. Our technicians use any existing point of access to start the process, thereby eliminating the need to relocate. The beauty of trenchless pipe lining Mesa is that it can fix all types of piping material located in any property.

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We offer two pipe lining solutions that can be executed by our professional technicians:

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy resin is an excellent material that resists leaks and corrosion, especially if the drain line is without damage.

NuFlow Phoenix utilizes trenchless technology along with the NuFlow epoxy pipe lining process to do rehabilitate the following systems:

- Fire Suppression
- Fountain, pools, etc.
- Aged or failing drinking water systems
- Other pressurized pipe systems

Our technicians map out your sewer line system. Pinhole leaks will be discovered with the use of compressed air. The pipes will be cleaned to eliminate debris and calcified buildups, thereby restoring the original flow. Pressurized air will push the liquid resin epoxy through your sewer lines. The epoxy then cures and forms a protective barrier coating the entire sewer system. Once cured, you’ll have an epoxy liner created within the host pipe.

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Structural Pipe Lining

A CIPP, or cured in place pipe system essentially creates a new pipe within the old pipe structure. NuFlow Phoenix utilizes the newest NuFlow structural lining system to rehabilitate the following systems:

- Storm, roof, vent, and kitchen drains
- Aged or failing sanitary drains
- Other non-pressurized pipe systems.

Any pipe within the 3/4 to 12″ diameter may be fixed using the CIPP technique.

Our technicians map out your sewer line system. Then, they follow it up with sewer drain cleaning. Drain and sewer lines clog up over time. Build ups are discovered when the sewer line starts backing up, which is then confirmed with a camera inspection. A thorough drain cleaning restores the original flow as the pipe is brought back to its old diameter.

A special epoxy resin is inserted into the sewer system. The liner is then set in place, and a bladder starts filling the liner with air. The liner inflates and pushes inside the old pipe, creating a new pipe material into the ailing one. The epoxy is then cured after a few hours and forms a jointless pipe within the host pipe.

Trenchless technology will take up half the time, half the money and half the disruption as compared to traditional repairs. The new pipe material is incredibly resistant against common pipe problems such as leaks, cracks, root intrusion and corrosion.

NuFlow’s innovative repair solutions are ideal for pipe sections, which save time as compared to lining the whole pipeline. Call NuFlow Phoenix to get your sewer lines fixed and enjoy a lifetime of worry-free plumbing today!

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